Who is the Client

The client is a leading global manufacturer of skincare products with $1.5 billion in annual sales.

The Challenge

The company’s existing analytics system was using the Tealium iQ Tag Management System (TMS) to capture correct and relevant TMS data that aligns with their business goals. They wanted to create a 360-degree view of its customers to personalize their journey.

To accomplish that, they planned to correlate e-commerce transactions and tap into the real-time clickstream of web interactions. The end goal was to create insights that would help them develop strategies to drive higher conversions from customer browsing data and reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments.

Several challenges were keeping the company from achieving the above objective:

  • Data type mismatches across multiple files or even within the same file were common.
  • The client-side development team would dynamically change source files.
  • The use of special characters in column headers would cause incremental jobs to fail.

All told, the company needed:

  • An all-encompassing view of customer activities: By correlating e-commerce transactions with clickstream web interactions, the company hoped to build a more accurate view of customer activities. Their TMS team could then improve the customer experience with improved personalization.
  • Accurate omnichannel data: Data arrived from many different sources from the company’s global network of web entry points. To build a clear customer view, they needed a solution that could adjust data types and correctly match columns.
  • Insights to improve conversion rates and reduce cart abandonment: Collecting data from multiple channels and resolving discrepancies would allow the company to better picture customer activities. They hoped to gain bankable insights from this new model to increase sales conversions and reduce cart abandonment, ultimately growing business revenue.

The Solution

Business Impact

The solution represents a major new feature for the company and provides a number of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced customer experience leading to increased sales: Given that 26 KPIs are now available, the company can build a 360-degree view of customer activity. From this model, they can create a superior user experience by identifying and addressing the causes of shopping cart abandonment.
  • Tag data discovery and assessment generate ideas for web enhancements:The vast amount of data, now available from the TMS, can help the company make discoveries about customer activities that were previously unknown. These discoveries can lead to web enhancements and future product promotions.
  • Use cases providing insights into the customer omnichannel experience: Use case analysis can lead the company to determine what’s not working and what’s not interesting to the customers. Addressing these issues allows website visitors to make better use of their time while shopping. A faster and more efficient shopping experience leads to a higher sales volume.

Technologies Used

Tealium iQ: Omnichannel hosted tag management system
AWS S3: Service offered by Amazon Web Services for storage
Google BigQuery: Highly scalable serverless GCP data warehouse that incorporates machine learning, predictive modeling, and SQL support
Google Cloud Storage:Provides a cloud-based platform for storing massive amounts of data
Apache Airflow:Open-source framework used to schedule and monitor workflows
Cloud Composer:Managed workflow service built upon Airflow available in GCP

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