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Adobe® Campaign Classic allows marketers to orchestrate strategies across digital channels, such as websites, mobile apps, emails, SMS, point of sales, and other offline media, providing inbound and outbound cross-channel campaign management capabilities. It is easy to configure a campaign and run it; what is not easy is designing and executing a campaign that runs efficiently.   

In this white paper, you learn:  

  • How to improve campaign performance  
  • How to make your campaigns highly scalable through automation  
  • How to save time creating future campaigns by creating reusable components  
  • How to personalize the customer experience  
  • How to safeguard privacy and enhance security  

A successful campaign brings personal value to your customers and facilitates a smooth purchase process. A good campaign should be relatively easy to build for the campaign creator, especially if you focus on developing reusable components. A well-executed campaign runs securely and protects customer privacy while maintaining the reputation of your company’s valuable domains.  

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