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Fast e-commerce sites result in higher conversion and brand satisfaction. As with all platforms, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has its challenges that impact performance, and in this paper, we communicate six techniques that will improve performance. These techniques, some specific to Salesforce Commerce Cloud while others apply to all e-commerce sites, provide a starting point to significantly increase the page speed within your site.

 What will you learn from this white paper?

  1. The impact of page performance on conversion. Do 1-2 seconds longer to load a page make any difference? Learn how even a few seconds past key thresholds can impact bounce rates and conversion for your website.
  2. Top techniques to improve page performance. There are so many opportunities to improve page performance, but where do you start? We have assembled the low hanging fruit of Salesforce Commerce Cloud page performance techniques that provides you with prioritized steps to improve what you have.
  3. Websites and tools that can help you identify problems. Knowing the right tools can provide you insights into where the performance problems are hiding. We demonstrate how to implement performance techniques using some readily available tools that we provide links to.