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Effective SEO Techniques to Increase the Rankings of Your E-Commerce Website

Improve the Organic Search Ranking of your E-commerce Website with Efficient SEO Optimization

Read how GSPANN helped the San Francisco-based children's clothing retailer to improve the search engine rankings of their aging e-commerce website by automatically generating on-page SEO content from product feeds.

What you can learn from the paper?

  • How to Eliminate Manual Updates. Update all SEO artifacts through programmatic means, where changes in the product catalog are automatically reflected within SEO.
  • How to Get Immediate SEO Updates. Rather than wait days to weeks for the team to update page details, the pages are SEO-ready immediately through automated SEO updates.
  • How to Reduce Errors. Manual updates added yet another opportunity for errors. With this approach, errors are limited to the original product data feed.
  • How to Guarantee that All Pages Have SEO. With previous manual efforts, the client may not get to all pages before product details change, thereby leaving some pages without search optimization.

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