Who is the Client

A children’s retail brand that sells clothes and accessories for them. A trusted brand for over 40 years, they operate in 40 countries that include the United States, Canada, China, Australia, and France.

The Challenge

The client runs an extensive online e-commerce portal that showcases children's apparel. The nature of the client’s business requires the best search engine optimization so that the potential users searching for a particular kid’s clothing lands on the client’s website. Search engine ranking challenges many organizations, particularly within category or product detail pages generated by their e-commerce platforms. Many out-of-the-box SEO capabilities for some new and many legacy e-commerce systems are limited, and in many cases, non-existent.

The client wanted to update category and product detail pages on its legacy e-commerce platform (Blue Martini) for search engine optimization.

The Solution

GSPANN helped the client squeeze more value from their aging e-commerce platform by making it deliver search engine rankings that meets today’s expectations of web pages. GSPANN automated the process to eliminate any manual work while improving SEO consistency and quality across all pages.

We developed automation for optimizing the e-commerce category and product detail pages for search engines, based on category and product details that were found within a product feed that we created for Amazon.

From details found within the feed, we programmatically generated all common artifacts—the URL, page title, H1, and other elements—that are necessary for quality SEO. This eliminated the client’s manual effort in updating this information, or possibly worse, not getting to all the required updates before the product information changed again for the next season.

We started with the development of a category and product data feed that met all the requirements of Amazon, which also provided us the details we needed to update the client’s web pages.

The details within the data feed enabled us to automatically generate the following SEO artifacts that would improve the search rankings:

  • Friendly URLs: Creating machine (like Google, Bing) and human-readable URLs.
  • Page Title: Browser tab titles that met the recommended length yet were highly descriptive.
  • Meta Description: Narrative descriptions of categories and products that are useful to the reader.
  • H1 and H2 Content: Primary page content that aligns with keywords and remains descriptive.
  • Microdata: Schema.org-based microdata that supports product review, breadcrumbs, ratings, and offers.
  • Sitemap Updates: Updates to sitemap.xml that alerts the search engines to changes in the content structure.

Business Impact

Beyond the benefit of SEO, the client saw benefits in several areas from this engagement:

  • Elimination of manual updates: All SEO-related page updates were now automated.
  • Immediate SEO updates: Rather than waiting for days to weeks for the team to update page details, the pages are SEO-ready immediately.
  • Reduced errors: Manual updates added yet another opportunity for errors. With this approach, errors are limited to the original product data feed.
  • All pages have SEO: With previous manual efforts, the client may not optimize all pages without product details change, thereby leaving some pages without search optimization.

Technologies Used

Blue Martini. An e-commerce platform
Java and J2EE. Development frameworks
Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.0. An application server
Oracle 11g. Database Platform

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