SAP Solutions

All of us plan on smooth SAP implementations, but what happens when we encounter challenges? GSPANN’s expertise in delivering and optimizing HANA analytics, data management, and data governance models ensure that implementations occur smoothly and quickly.

Our S/4 HANA readiness checklist helps objectively assess your current technical, organizational, and governance readiness for the migration. Our approach leverages an internally developed RPA (Robotic Process Automation) framework to migrate workflows and business processes from legacy implementations to S/4 HANA.

Test automation for the SAP functional use cases has always been a challenge, especially since building a test repository is often hard or laborious to accomplish. Our SAP Quality Assurance (SQA) repository has test case mappings to functionality. This helps us to provide a comprehensive test suite that covers all use cases which are automated for regression.

SAP Capabilities

Based on our experience delivering enterprise-scale data management and analytics solutions within retail, high technology, manufacturing, and financial services, our SAP practice applies that experience within the SAP ecosystem, helping our clients get the results they expect from their SAP platform investments.

Data Collation

Bridging data across your HANA and Hadoop platforms leveraging Data Hub or SDI/SDA.

Analytical Models

Developing Analytical models in HANA for high impact insight generation. 

S/4 Analytics

Perform real-time analytics on the live transactional data with the help of Virtual Data Models (VDM).

Analytics Maturity Assessment and Roadmap

Identify the maturity of your organization's analytics practices, technologies, governance, and personnel.

Robotic Process Automation

Building RPA solutions to automate your SAP operational processes and improve their efficiency.

IoT on Big Data

Implementing IoT on Big Data/Hadoop platform to analyze data generated from connected devices.

SAP HANA Offerings

Consulting, architecture, and implementation of SAP Hana solutions for organizations that require real-time data analysis for production and reporting.

Enterprise Analytics

Envisioning and implementing operational analytics using S/4 Analytics or Incorta. 

SAP HANA® Practice

Architecting and implementing enterprise analytics leveraging HANA as a side-car. 

Data Governance

Championing and Implementing Data Governance using Infosteward™. 

Machine Learning

Building Machine Learning based Data Science models for advanced predictive analytics. 

Machine Learning Libraries

Extending SAP HANA analytics with External Machine Learning (EML) Libraries. 


Praveen Chandra

Praveen Chandra

Practice Leader, Analytics and Data Management

Praveen leads the analytics and data management practice. Within his practice, he guides retailers and technology brands in the planning and delivery of business intelligence, analytics, and information management solutions. Having worked for several retailers prior to GSPANN, Praveen brings hands-on analytics and data management experience to our clients. Praveen is based in Milpitas, California.

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