Data and Analytics Services

Creating a data-driven organization, one that can see insights buried deep where competitors cannot, requires more than just access to data. It requires organizations to have a strategy, plan, and roadmap of how they plan to capture, organize, curate, and finally analyze their data to create actionable insights for the business to become more competitive, efficient, and responsive.

We improve their business through data management and analytics, working with individual departments and across the enterprise, to employ solutions that use data that businesses are already collecting and generating from their operations. By working closely with stakeholders to understand their needs, we define strategies, roadmaps, implement technology, and guide our clients to make a data-driven organization possible.

Cloud Data Platform Strategy, Maturity Assessment, and Roadmap

Maximize return on data assets by defining the future state of the analytical program and conducting maturity assessment using 'Information Analytics Maturity Assessment Wheel©.'

Digital Marketing and Marketing Analytics Strategy

Address the ever-changing world of digital marketing by leveraging data to develop a strategy using our 'Marketing Analytics Maturity Assessment Wheel©.'

Big Data Architecture and Development

Adopt our best practices to build self-serving data architecture, data models, and data pipelines for big data platforms like GCP, AWS, Azure, and Snowflake.

High-Impact Visual Dashboards Builds

Create rich visualizations using enterprise dashboarding and reporting software, and build a storyline with custom open-source components like D3 or Chart.

Campaign Management and Personalization

Drive engagement with targeted campaigns in Adobe, Marketo, Salesforce, Unica, etc. by using machine learning-based segmentation and integrating with the marketing platforms.

Analytics Product Management

Define the roadmap and cost of ownership for analytics program capabilities and the associated implementation plan, technology stack, garnering executive, and stakeholder sponsorship.

Purpose-Built Reports

Build uber reports and executive dashboards from transactional systems or streaming data that are not bound by a single underlying reporting tool stack.

Anomaly Detection Using Machine Learning

Predict issues in the processes and applications before they operationally manifest using machine learning and advanced analytics capabilities.

Data and Analytics Innovations

Nitrate Large

Nitrate™ – An AIOps Platform that Leverages AI and ML Capabilities

Nitrate™ leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to understand the correlation and causality of operational incidents. It provides a holistic view of applications, analyzes the system’s health, detects anomalies, and constantly learns to keep the applications performance-optimized. Nitrate™ also has a built-in ML-driven ChatOps framework that helps teams in reducing dependencies on manual ‘search and react’ aspects of production operations.


CARBON™ – Configurable Auto-Generating Big Data Ingestion Engine

Migration of data to the seed data lake is a huge task, requiring a lot of development cycles to build the pipelines, and put auditing and error checking in place. CARBON automates the source metadata identification, builds the pipeline, including the deployment dags, based on the source (file, database, service, or stream) with error checking and audit functionality.

BEAT Large

BEAT™ – Revolutionary Automated QA Testing and Auditing Tool

Automating ETL testing and data validation has been a gap in the industry. BEAT™ has a unique way of solving this problem by building a solution that tackles this from the data consumers perspective. BEAT™ also moves data integration work to a BDD methodology for ETL stories.


Data Management and Analytics Capabilities

Taken from delivering large data management and analytics solutions within retail, high technology, manufacturing, and financial services, our Data Management and Analytics practice has developed capabilities around technologies and practices to support departmental and enterprise initiatives.

Data Engineering and Big Data

Build high-fidelity, governed, trusted streaming, real-time batch, and data pipelines with ETL routines for data platforms and programs.

Data Governance and Master Data Management

Build party, product, and location masters using enterprise MDM tools or custom purpose-built solutions to project 360-degree views to generate deeper insights.

Digital Marketing Analytics

Use marketing analytics services (SEO, Campaign Management, Tagging, Social and Web Analytics, Segmentation) and predictive models to understand customer behavior.

Data Science (AI/ML) and Data Science Engineering

Implement machine learning to discover data stories, predict actions required to influence change, and develop data engineering to deploy ML models.

IoT and Industry 4.0

Leverage big data to optimize industrial equipment, instruments, and engineering processes to ensure sustained performance and implement cyber-physical systems.


Implement big data and advanced analytical-based solutions to identify potential failure points in technology operations using custom engineering based on Nitrate™.

Advanced Visualization and Business Intelligence

Build high-impact dashboards using industry tools and open-source libraries for storytelling and develop enterprise reports to run the business.

DataOps and MLOps

Equip DevOps for data pipeline in the big data ecosystem and implement continuous deployment for machine learning models in production.


Praveen Chandra

Praveen Chandra

Practice Leader, Analytics and Data Management

Praveen leads the analytics and data management practice. Within his practice, he guides retailers and technology brands in the planning and delivery of business intelligence, analytics, and information management solutions. Having worked for several retailers prior to GSPANN, Praveen brings hands-on analytics and data management experience to our clients. Praveen is based in Milpitas, California.

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