Manage your Business Processes Easily with Customized Mobile Applications

Leverage productivity and engagement by a custom mobile solution for your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment.

Read how GSPANN provided California, US-based semiconductor manufacturer a mobility solution to access the processes of manufacturing, services, sales, and HR in SAP ERP environment.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • Increased productivity with custom mobile development: Developing multiple mobile applications to serve the needs of various business units helped in improving the overall engagement within the company and increased user’s productivity.
  • Standardized processes and reduced cycle time: Linking the mobile applications with the email server enabled streamlining day-to-day tasks efficiently within the organization.
  • Proactive usage enabled rapid solution: The mobile application allows easy approvals of workflows, check tool/equipment availability, track and report any conditions for rapid solutions.

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Custom mobile development solutions to improve productivity