Who is the Client

A US-based manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment used in silicon wafer processing, with an annual sale of approx. $10B.

The Challenge

The client owns multiple large manufacturing plants in various locations. They have separate units for performing the different processes for manufacturing semiconductor processing equipment.

The client wanted to increase the productivity and system accessibility within the organization. The complex frontend and backend system of the existing SAP enterrpise resource planning (ERP) solution, that was used to manage manufacturing, IT, sales, finance, and HR, was inflexible, non-interactive, and less engaging. The client also required mobility solutions to access manufacturing, services, sales, finance, and HR available in an SAP ERP environment.

The Solution

GSPANN helped the client leverage the potential of mobile applications (native for Android and iOS) and the latest technologies to execute day-to-day tasks efficiently. We delivered end-to-end mobile development, including UX component designs, mobile screen designs, service designs, and integration; and developed Operating System (OS)-compatible mobile applications to explore the full stack of features available in Android or iOS smartphones.

We coded Android and iOS mobile applications using the Kony application development environment to maximize the ability to quickly ship multiple mobile applications in a pre-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA). All mobile applications were delivered after ensuring their functionality through Unit-level and system integration testing. The mobile applications were also integrated with different backend systems by either using web services or directly connecting to SAP.

Our experts developed multiple mobile applications to serve the needs of various business units. The application’s frontend was developed using JavaScript and the backend was in Core Java, while the mobile applications using OS-native features, like image capturing, PDF generation, barcode scanning, and touch identification, were developed using Objective C++.

The mobility solution reduced the cycle time and standardized the process within the organization.

The push notification, offline data synchronization, and deep linking of mobile applications with email servers brought huge changes in performing daily tasks, monitoring work, and streamlining safety measures at the workplace.

Business Impact

  • Enabled easy approvals with a permission-based common interface to approve multiple workflows through a single mobile application.
  • Fast-tracking and reporting enabled users to mitigate, report proactively, and track to attribute unsafe behaviors, conditions, and system breakdowns for a rapid solution.
  • The implemented mobile application helped the client check tool/equipment availability and reserve time slot for engineering, production, maintenance, or training purposes.

Technologies Used

SAP. ERP solution for management of services, sales, finance, and HR processes
IQMS. ERP software for the manufacturing environment
Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide an online team collaboration environment
Kony Mobile Fabric. A Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) provider that helps developers build native apps and web apps for mobile
JavaScript. A high-level interpreted scripting language for web development
Apache Tomcat. An open-source implementation of the Java Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language, and Java WebSocket technologies
Microsoft SQL Server. A relational database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications
Objective C++. Object-oriented programming language

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