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The workshops-only testing conference is back! Worqference brings seasoned instructors from across the globe to discuss everything from designing automation frameworks and bug advocacy to learning something as precise as how to structure your presentation to get your point across.  

GSPANN Technologies is proud to be a Gold sponsor for the event that offers hands-on learning opportunities for QA practitioners or anyone looking for upskilling opportunities from some of the best testing minds in the world. Hosted by The Test Tribe, a global software testing community with a global footprint of 70K+ testers, the event brings 2200+ quality engineering experts and enthusiasts from 1,000+ companies globally to upskill, learn, and network. 

We will be represented by one of the leading voices in the Quality Engineering space, Ajay Balamurugadas, Sr. Director – QE at GSPANN. His workshop - Mental Models for Testers to Improve Decision-Making Skills – is a gold mine for anyone looking to dive deep into techniques to think clearly and logically. 

This session is for: 

  • Hands-on testers to get better at decision making 
  • Leads and managers to solve problems by gaining multiple perspectives 
  • Anyone interested in improving their thinking process 

Key takeaways from the session 

  • Understand mental models 
  • Know a few mental models 
  • Discover their relation with testing
  • Exercises and feedback on applying mental models in testing contexts 

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