Defining Enterprise and Domain-specific Architectures

As businesses work to remain competitive they find themselves revisiting existing processes, platforms, and systems to optimize, update, and replace their existing infrastructure.  Without proper architectural planning prior to architectural transformation, companies often find themselves left with unintended results, over-budget projects, and potential rework.  Our architectural consulting services are based on years of helping global organizations align their enterprise or domain-specific architectures in a successful manner.

Architecture Offerings

Our architecture offerings are based on proven methodologies that lead our clients to successful implementations of new architectures.

Architecture Blueprinting

Document and detail the current state enterprise architecture from a platform, integration, security, governance, and change management perspective to create a common, contemporary record.

Architecture Roadmapping

Considering the companies’ strategy, current initiatives, capability roadmaps, budget, and resources to define and socialize a three to five-year enterprise architecture transformation roadmap.

Architecture Change Management

Defining and managing the change management process that accounts for process, governance, personnel, and technology considerations during the execution of an enterprise architecture transformation roadmap.

eCommerce Ecosystem Architecture

Architectural consulting for e-commerce ecosystems that involve e-commerce, product information management, content management, search, personalization, and other platforms and services.

Data and Information Architecture

Modeling and optimization of enterprise data and information architectures in support evolving business needs that include real-time, production, and customer data to support business operations and intelligence.