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Legacy content management systems (CMS), often based on older technologies and approaches, are challenged in supporting today’s multi-channel, highly personalized experiences. In addition, making the changes you need to deliver competitive experiences is often difficult and costly as it incurs code customization and technical debt.

Modern marketers and their technical counterparts have now moved to alternatives that provide greater out-of-the-box capabilities to quickly and easily deliver the experiences that customers expect. This is a suitable time to consider upgrading your CMS—technologies have matured, multi-channel is now easy, and personalization is standard. If upgrading your CMS has crossed your mind then this guide on upgrading your CMS, written by our partner Adobe, will guide you along the path.

Is your organization ready to upgrade your CMS? This guide will help you answer this question by guiding you through the right questions to ask your organization.

  • Signs it is time to re-platform your website: It is important to track your CMS’ performance as it in turn determines your performance in the market. This guide will help you ask the right questions, such as– does your site go down when there is a spike in the traffic?
  • Critical considerations to find the best CMS: Your choice of CMS should align you with your business goals, considering how your teams are structured and many more such factors.
  • How to make your CMS deployment a success: A deployment must be both, smooth and efficient. There are certain steps that you need to take to ensure that.
  • How to define your vision, sell it, and then make it real: As you plan to upgrade your CMS, review this guide to help spark even more considerations.

This guide will help you see the signs that indicate it is time to upgrade your CMS platform to personalized content, across all your customers’ devices, with greater ease than with your current platform.