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Leverage Enhanced Visualization for Real-Time Sales Insights on Streaming Data

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based Fortune 500 departmental store chain, with over $20B annual sales and more than 1000 stores, in building optimized, high-impact visual storyboards using Tableau-based dashboards. The dashboards are designed to get real-time insights for making business decisions by analyzing streaming data from offline and online sales.  

Key highlights:

  • Implemented the incremental data approach in the Tableau server, which saved the overall time taken for streaming data extraction and processing. After implementing the solution, the reports’ loading time was drastically reduced from 40 minutes to less than 1 minute.
  • Decoded the blending logic from Tableau, implemented it at the database level, and created a database-level architecture flow. The approach doesn’t allow the dashboards to crash and displays the actual figures in the table without any errors.
  • Created a landing page where the users can select the transaction start or end date, event start or end date, and vendor name (alphabetically) to generate the reports. This enables the leadership team to quickly populate and visualize the data by selecting necessary filters in one go.

This case study can help you understand the importance of optimizing any visualization software, like Tableau-based dashboards, since the speed of report generation can make a significant difference in making business decisions based on real-time streaming data. Accuracy of key business data in such reports is of utmost importance, and thus ensuring optimized data architecture becomes a necessity.

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