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Salesforce promoted Dreamforce as “the largest AI event of the year,” and rightfully so. The conference saw over 40,000 Salesforce partners, clients, and vendors in attendance, and it served as an avenue for Salesforce to cement its commitment to AI and its integration across its products and services. 

The three-day conference saw several new AI-focused product announcements. Fuelled by generative AI, IDC reports that Salesforce and its partner ecosystem will create a net gain of more than $2T in business revenue and 11.6M jobs by 2028. This solidifies that Salesforce is leading the charge in AI, and GSPANN is leaning into the partnership to bring innovative solutions to our clients.   

Let’s deep dive into the biggest highlights from Dreamforce 2023 

1. Einstein 1 Platform 

This was Salesforce’s biggest reveal. Mark Benioff, CEO – Salesforce, calls Einstein 1 a safe data connectivity platform. “The AI revolution is a trust revolution. Your data is not our product,” Benioff said. 

The low-code platform integrates with Slack, Tableau, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, MuleSoft, Heroku, and Canvas and leverages the Salesforce Data Cloud to solve the data fragmentation problem. The platform also opens an investment opportunity with $500 million venture capital pool. 

2. Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio 

Einstein Copilot is Salesforce’s generative AI conversational assistant that delivers “trustworthy” answers. Meanwhile, Einstein Copilot Studio enables customers to customize their Einstein Copilot implementations to drive real-time messaging. 

Hence, while Einstein Copilot enables a seamless customer experience, Einstein Copilot Studio allows users to leverage Einstein Copilot across consumer-facing channels, including but not limited to websites, WhatsApp and other messaging apps, Slack and other productivity apps, and more. 

3. Salesforce and Google Workspace Integration 

The event showcased the expansion of Salesforce’s partnership with Google. Under the partnership, Google has become the first significant taker for Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot.  

However, the relationship and integration are bidirectional, meaning Salesforce account data in its CRM can be leveraged to create content in Google — documents, slides, etc., and not only create Calendar meetings but also meeting summaries and more. 

Dreamforce 2023

4. Salesforce Partnership with Databricks (and Snowflake) 

Salesforce also announced the integration of its Data Cloud with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform for data sharing. The deeper integration allows Salesforce and Databricks users to access each other’s data within their respective platforms. 

The significance of these integrations is that they eliminate the complex extract, transform and load (ETL) processes and push for Bring Your Own Lake or BYOL. This allows customers to access and leverage data housed in different platforms as a unified offering without impacting governance, security, and trust at reduced associated costs. 

5. Increased Capabilities for Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud  

Salesforce introduced 26 generative AI capabilities between Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. These features are built on Data Cloud and will help in creating more personalized and engaging customer experiences. Those currently available are:

  • Marketing Cloud: Marketing in Starter, DC + Account Engagement, Personalization Insights in Core, Data Spaces in Data Cloud, Advertising Audiences in Data Cloud, Einstein Lookalikes in Data Cloud  
  • Commerce Cloud: Salesforce Payments, Order Management, Omnichannel Inventory, Reorder Portal, Pay Now, Generative Product Descriptions  

Salesforce hosted one of the most sustainable events ever 

  • 74% of structures were recycled or reused 
  • 5,500 square feet of biodegradable signage
  • 10M gallons of water conserved
  • 100% compostable meal packaging
  • Multiple Net Zero Cloud sessions
  • New Net Zero Cloud capabilities, including simplified ESG reporting for companies amid changing regulations; Einstein for Net Zero Cloud is expected in Spring 2024  

GSPANN + Salesforce 

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