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NRF 2019

We’ll be at Booth #910. January 13-15. See you there!


GSPANN, Delivering Integrated Digital Commerce Solutions at Scale

Retailers are becoming open to new ways in creating more customer-centric experiences, which is transforming the retail industry as a whole. Pragmatic adoption of digital commerce and technology has provided the retailers a plethora of opportunities to innovate across their value chains.

GSPANN understands the challenges that retailers face and delivers custom integrated digital commerce solutions by enhancing their direct-to-consumers eCommerce capabilities. With our integrated digital solutions, like CMS, analytics, data, mobility, machine learning, and business support, we help top retail brands deliver intelligent customer experiences across the platform.

Here are some of our retail solutions:

  • Technical Roadmap: We guide our clients to prioritize their capability requirements, identify best-fit technologies, develop supporting business cases, and create an execution roadmap.
  • Content-driven eCommerce: We create seamless merchandizing and marketing experiences by integrating compatible content management system (CMS) with e-commerce.
  • Cross-channel Integration: We bring a consistent customer experience across channels – web, mobile, and social. We integrate e-commerce, third-party services, and existing systems into seamless customer experiences.
  • Mobile eCommerce: We help retailers maintain their competitive mobile capabilities by integrating their mobile and store experiences.
  • Data and Analytics:  We help retail organizations take maximum advantage with their existing data and provide actionable insights to their leadership team.
  • Production Support: We provide some of the largest retailers and direct-to-consumer brands with contemporary practices and disciplines to guarantee the up-time and efficiency of their mobile application and the website.

About GSPANN’s Retail Practice

GSPANN offers prompt, cost-effective, and high-value business solutions to the retailers by understanding their planning and execution challenges, that leverage their sales and brand experience. We provide competitive advantage by designing and developing innovative retail solutions to enhance the retailer’s operational capabilities.

Meet GSPANN’s Retail experts at NRF 2019 (Booth #910) and learn how we help retailers identify, integrate, and operate technologies that align their buying experience with customer expectations.

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