Who is the Company

A US-based brokerage firm that provides investment and trading services with assets worth more than $1 trillion

The Challenge

The company required an enterprise-level offer management system automation that addressed the following existing challenges:

  • Lack of scalability and limited business features: The existing system offered limited features for free trade award-type offers. The company needed greater flexibility when managing marketing offers that include refer-a-friend, on-the-spot account openings, satisfaction guarantees, as well as recurring and custom offers.
  • Limited award types: The old system only provided limited award types to customers and fell short of delivering trending offers such as cash awards, loyalty points, events, benefits, and product awards.
  • User experience: The existing user interface (UI) was developed on older technology and left much to be desired in being responsive and intuitive.
  • Scalability and performance limitations: The old application was monolithic and lacked the scalability to provide high-performance throughput.
  • Limited security features: The old system did not mask customer data correctly, which meant unauthorized individuals within the company could access sensitive information. The company needed better security and compliance features.
  • Operations cost and infrastructure limitations: The existing system was deployed on-premises with limited integration options. The company needed to reduce infrastructure costs.

The Solution

Business Impact

  • 98% customer retention: The new system boosted customer retention to 98% and provides timely offers.
  • Reduced deployment time: The new offer management system automates 96% of the formerly manual processes, allowing a quick sign-off for new application releases. This allows the company to respond quickly to changing market conditions by adding new features promptly and reliably.
  • Substantial offer influence: The company now has access to all offer-related statistics and has proven how key offers influence the existing customers
  • On-the-spot offer disbursement: The highly efficient performance of the new system enables the company to disburse offers and awards to customers on the spot. This vastly increases customer satisfaction and contributes to customer retention.
  • Cost Optimization: The company now enjoys real-time autoscaling, rightsizing, spot instance automation, and Pivotal Cloud Foundry deployments. These improvements serve to keep the infrastructure costs low.
  • Business priorities met: Our engineers helped the company meet their priorities and drove success by ensuring quality control, on-time delivery, and meeting performance targets.

Technologies Used

Java 8
Spring Boot
Spring Cloud
Spring Data Flow
Angular 9
Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF)
Rabbit MQ

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