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Optimize Technical Support Operation with a Natural Language Processing Chatbot

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based Fortune 500 departmental store chain, with over $20B in annual sales and 1000+ stores across the globe, to develop a virtual assistant that can process the instructions in human language for fetching the required information from the system.

Key highlights:

  • The chatbot is available for 100+ virtual machines (VMs) and 600+ services. 150+ support resources use it 24x7 simultaneously.
  • After deploying the chatbot, the number of tickets raised by the client’s support team for fetching information reduced by 40%.
  • The chatbot was tested for three months by 100+ users before the deployment.

This case study can help you understand how the efficiency of the technical support team can be increased, and the mean-time to resolution (MTTR) can be decreased by utilizing a chatbot that can answer queries in human language. By eliminating the need to enter technical commands repeatedly to execute similar tasks, your support team can perform a quicker root-cause analysis (RCA).

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