Quicker Product Inventory Updates with a Redesigned Apache Solr Architecture

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based Fortune 500 departmental store chain with over $20B annual sales and more than 1000 stores across the globe in reflecting any inventory changes faster on product matrix pages. We redesigned the Solr architecture and extracted the inventory information on a separate Redis environment. 

Key highlights:

  • Integrated Redis with Solr for better system architecture. This saved a considerable amount of time consumed in replicating the database change on 200 Solr-based servers.
  • The new architecture helped in saving 25% of the infrastructure cost on the Google Cloud Platform with a reduction of approx. 20% storage space.
  • Time taken to reflect the status of any out of stock/in-stock product on the product matrix pages is reduced from 45 minutes to 10 minutes, which also helped the client in removing any product on the product matrix pages as per business requirements.

This case study focuses on the importance of reflecting the available products on the product matrix pages and removing the out-of-stock products on the e-commerce website. The change will ensure good user experience and help in maintaining the brand reputation.

Solr Architecture Redesign Case Study