Who is the Client

A part of a US-based retail holding company with annual sales of over $3B. An apparel store chain for men that is helping them embrace style for several years now.

The Challenge

The client has an e-commerce portal where the customers can order ready-made suits, custom-made suits, and Tuxedos. The products are shipped from the nearest store, which may differ from the store where the product is available. The client uses various courier services (like DHL, FedEx) and their internal courier service for customer delivery and inter-store transfers.

To track these orders, the in-store employees had to pull out the order information from the inventory database and put tracking IDs in a different order tracking portal. It was a cumbersome task since the employees were already occupied with managing orders and attending calls to inquire about the products' delivery status. Given the situation, the employees could not efficiently plan their workday activities, which was hampering their productivity and overall inventory management.

To get a consolidated view of the shipment data, the client wanted to develop a dashboard-based solution to enable its employees to track order information from multiple courier services in a single tool. The tool required a single sign-on (SSO) functionality for ease of access.

The Solution

GSPANN developed the entire solution and created a microservices-based service layer that interacts with order data in various databases. The solution fetches the information from various tracking portals and renders the required information over the Angular 2.0-based user interface.

We built the service layer using Spring Boot and deployed it on the internal OpenShift cloud. We used Spring Batch for writing batch jobs to read source CSV files (that may have 500K+ records sent via FTP to the staging table) and merged them to the main table in the new tracking database.

To improve the performance, we partitioned source files and read them simultaneously via a multi-threaded program. We inserted them into the staging table and implemented SSO using SAML (IDP-based approach).

The user-friendly dashboard allows in-store employees to search order details from varied sets of keywords—like email, order/tracking ID, etc.—and get corresponding tracking details. The solution is extremely modular and can be extended as per the requirement. For instance, code can be enhanced to fetch order details via service instead of the database.

The in-store executives can now deliver better customer experience by promptly replying to the customer queries regarding their order status. The custom dashboard improved the overall efficiency of business operations.

Business Impact

  • The user-friendly dashboard allows the in-store executives to search order details from varied sets of keywords, provide corresponding tracking details, and efficiently manage their inventory.
  • The tool enables back-end users to access the application database and check tracking details in a defined interval.
  • The new tool allows the employees to promptly respond to the customer queries, providing them a better experience.

Technologies Used

Angular 2.0. A TypeScript-based open-source web application framework
Spring Boot. An open-source Java-based framework used to create microservices and build stand-alone and production-ready Spring applications
REST. An architectural style for providing standards between apps and systems that allows systems to communicate with each other easily
SAML. Makes single sign-on (SSO) technology possible by providing a way to authenticate a user once and communicate that authentication to multiple applications
OpenShift Container. An open-source container application platform based on the Kubernetes container orchestrator for enterprise app development

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