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Deliver Better Customer Experience with Real-Time Dashboards to Track Orders

Read how GSPANN helped a men’s apparel store chain, which is a part of a US-based retail holding company with annual sales of over $3B in developing a dashboard-based custom tracking solution. The solution offers a consolidated view and real-time status of orders with multiple courier service providers to improve the productivity of in-store employees.

Key highlights:

  • The user-friendly dashboard allows the in-store executives to search order details from varied sets of keywords and provide corresponding tracking details. This helps the employees to promptly respond to customer queries and provide them with a better experience.
  • We implemented the Single Sign-On (SSO) service with the help of Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)—an identity provider (IDP)-based approach—and wrote custom code to support any authentication and authorization. This helped the employees in accessing the dashboards easily and securely.
  • We used Spring Batch for writing batch jobs to read source CSV files (that may have 500K+ records sent via FTP to the staging table) and merged them with the main table in the new tracking database. The custom dashboard improved the overall efficiency of business operations.

This case study can help you understand the significance of developing a customized tracking tool that can compile the information from various portals to fetch the required information quickly and efficiently. By leveraging this efficient customized order tracking tool, you can improve customer satisfaction and enhance brand image.

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