Report Promotional Price Conflicts in Xstore POS with a Custom Monitoring Tool

Read how GSPANN helped a US-based clothing retail chain store with annual sales of more than $500M in developing an automated promotion tracking tool to report the mismatches in the promotional prices. The tool compares the promotional offers that are present in a single database of the Oracle Retail Customer Engagement application with multiple databases of Xstore POS application and reports any mismatches to the concerned person in a single email report.

Key highlights:

  • Zero incidents reported in the next promotional period after implementing the solution. The client’s customers don’t face price mismatch-related issues before buying the product anymore.
  • The tool proactively sends a report every 4 hours so that there is no need for firefighting the issues. Proactive reporting helps in avoiding the last-minute rush to resolve pricing conflicts.
  • Earlier, POS application was reflecting promotional prices even after the validity period. The client had better financial reports reconciliation as the items were showing the revised prices after the promotion period.

This case study emphasizes the importance of a seamless shopping experience across platforms, especially when it comes to showing different product prices from a sales campaign. The efforts and resources spent in conducting a promotional campaign may go waste if the customers are unable to avail the offers seamlessly because of the price mismatch issues and have to wait in queues to get their queries resolved.

Promotion Monitoring Tool Case Study