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Upping the digital game is always fun at Adobe Summit. Meeting inspiring global leaders, networking, navigating market trends and appetite, and sharing a high positive energy space with all the thought leaders was the highlight of this year’s Summit in London, which was held from June 8-9, 2023. 

As a silver sponsor, we enabled everyone visiting our booth to reimagine their customer experience to help them become a credible, trustworthy, and disruptive brand. GSPANN experts shared customized B2B and B2C roadmaps to unlock experience-led growth for businesses.  

Adobe Summit always impresses us with its exciting product announcements, unveiling cutting-edge tools designed to empower creatives and marketers alike and the EMEA version was not so different.

Check out their top five highlights: 

  • Empower Creativity with Generative AI 

Organizations now have an opportunity to use AI algorithms to generate new and unique content, ranging from images and videos to music and text. This technology enables creators to tap into a virtually endless well of inspiration, fueling their imagination and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. 

With AI-powered tools, creators can automate repetitive tasks, using more time to focus on the more artistic aspects of their work. These advances, combined with customer insights, offer the potential to personalize content to not help brands and product owners capture audience attention along with their hearts and minds. 

  • Embrace Game-changing Capabilities of Real-Time CDP 

The B2B edition of real-time CDP (customer data platform) offers a consolidated view of audience interactions and behaviors. It supports privacy and consent management across multiple geographies, builds actionable and real-time customer insights, and enables large-scale complex accounts to be managed efficiently and effectively. 

Used with Customer Journey Analytics and Customer Journey Optimizer, it efficiently manages omnichannel campaigns with cross-channel, cross-platform insights underpinned with real-time account insights. 

  • Treat Marketing as a Team Sport 

Work across the Brand, Marketing and Communications, Enterprise Tech, Tech Consultancy, and Alliance partnership functionalities to further common enterprise goals.  

  • Prepare for an Explosive Growth of Content 

The world has witnessed an explosion in content creation across various platforms over the past two years. From social media influencers to businesses revamping their digital presence, content has become the lifeblood of communication. Adobe Firefly and Adobe Express are set to create on-brand content that is easy to create, edit, and share. 

  • Bring Greater Versatility with New Adobe Experience Cloud 

Adobe Product Analytics is all set to provide product teams with self-service capabilities to fully understand customer adoption and product usage. Along with next-gen Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe is also debuting AI-infused updates to Adobe Journey Optimizer, offering brands powerful experimentation and testing capabilities to inform decision-making. 

As a longstanding commitment to sustainability and climate action, Adobe announced at the event that 100% of its operational electricity demand will be met with renewable electricity by 2025 – a decade ahead of the original goal – using a mix of local and regional solar, wind, and green tariffs. They also shared their commitment to meeting its net zero targets by no later than 2050 and are already making progress towards that goal.

Adobe Summit London