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In today’s competitive world, success depends heavily on how fast you reach the market and capture it. This is one of many significant reasons behind the success of the IT giants like Amazon, who release their code every 11.7 seconds. With the advent of agile methodology, the speed of product and feature delivery has grown manifold. Since it is impossible to do frequent releases with multiple manual touchpoints in the development and QA process, automation becomes necessary.

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For DevOps, automation is the means to develop and deploy software builds faster while adhering to quality standards. It reduces the friction between key interrelated tasks and ensures their proper coordination. Automation amplifies the performance of individuals by taking over repetitive tasks. Many companies have adopted DevOps automation and many more are likely to follow in the future.

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Automation scripts written in Python language can help in DevOps automation. As a language, Python has several features that enable automation. It has an Ideal guideline, known as ‘PEP 20,’ for test automation. Pytest, a test framework in Python, is one of the most popular test frameworks in all languages.

Let's go through a few Python modules for writing automation scripts: