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In the rapidly evolving world of digital commerce, businesses seek platforms that offer flexibility, scalability, and innovation. commercetools Foundry emerges as a powerful contender, designed to meet these needs with its modern architecture and comprehensive capabilities. But is commercetools Foundry a potential alternative to Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC), notably its Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA)?

A Business Case to Migrate from SFCC

In the realm of e-commerce, the architecture of your platform is pivotal for its success. With its monolithic architecture, SFCC presents challenges in deployment flexibility and limits the ability to update or scale individual components with ease. While it transitions toward a more composable commerce approach, current limitations may hinder rapid innovation and scalability.

Additionally, the cost associated with its comprehensive suite can be high, adding to the total cost of ownership, especially for businesses seeking granular control over their e-commerce environment and cost-efficiency. It might be time to explore a future-proof and composable commerce solution, commercetools, which offers a flexible and efficient system that can effectively address the issues above. commercetools can empower your business to thrive in online retail's fast-paced, competitive landscape.

Why Would You Consider commercetools Foundry?

commercetools is a powerful, API-first, cloud-native composable commerce platform designed around the principles of microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless (MACH) architecture. It offers your business high flexibility and scalability for building custom e-commerce solutions. However, implementing a solution from scratch with commercetools, despite its flexibility, can be complex and time-consuming. It requires a deep understanding of its API and architecture, and a significant development effort to tailor the platform to specific business needs. The recently launched commercetools Foundry overcomes the commercetools limitations by providing a pre-composed solution that is more streamlined and eases your path to leveraging the commercetools platform.

We understand that migration from one platform to another is a huge decision. GSPANN experts can help assess your current and future needs and suggest a viable solution. Write to us at #marketing@gspann.com to schedule a meeting.

commercetools Foundry

commercetools Foundry is a groundbreaking offering from commercetools, embodying the principle of composable commerce, that introduces a range of valuable additions to the existing commercetools website. Its pre-composed solution accelerates implementation speed while reducing costs.

The Foundry provides a comprehensive blueprint for B2C businesses, including best practice guides, AI-powered developer assistants, and store launchpads for B2C commerce. It also offers expert services to turbocharge implementation and accelerate time to value, ensuring a quick and effective transition to composable commerce. With tailored resources, launchpads, and expert services, the Foundry guides you through the planning, implementation, onboarding, expert support, and optimization, leading to simplified and effective composable commerce.

commercetools Foundry Architecture

Every component offers a range of business capabilities you can use as they are or customize to align with your specific requirements.


The commercetools Frontend component furnishes a development framework along with the necessary tools for building, deploying, and maintaining an e-commerce website. This component includes templates for specific use cases (e.g., B2C retail). The commercetools Frontend Studio is a management application that empowers business users and developers to construct, modify, and oversee a commercetools Frontend website.

Composable Commerce

Composable Commerce offers standalone APIs of the highest quality, unlocking limitless commerce potential. It additionally provides a Merchant Center, an administrative application for commercetools Composable Commerce, enabling comprehensive management of all project aspects.


commercetools Checkout is a prebuilt solution designed to enhance your customer's checkout experience by providing seamless, efficient, and secure integration for your commerce websites or applications. It offers the flexibility to support existing and future channels while enabling swift conversion of new sales opportunities.

Connect Integrations

With commercetools Connect, you can seamlessly enhance your composable commerce project, eliminating the need to purchase and manage dedicated hosting or runtime environments. It offers a runtime environment for running small applications known as Connect applications.