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As we continue to grow, we focus on co-creating the best AI and Cloud-driven solutions for all sectors. By participating in the 13th edition of Pharma IT Summit as a Silver partner, we set the stage for growth in Pharma and Healthcare space.  

Hosted by Exito Media, the exclusive closed-door event that brought over 90 C-level IT decision-makers and influencers from the Pharma industry under one roof.

The theme of the event was ‘Unleashing the Digital Revolution in Pharma’. The event focused on reimagining the scope of the pharma industry using technologies like AI, ML, IoT, RPA, and cloud computing. to improve patient and provider experiences. In this blog, we share our key learnings from the event and areas where we can step in with our expertise to advance health technology. 

Key Learnings

  • Tech adoption to improve the patient/provider experience
    Technology advancements accelerated during the pandemic. As patients or providers get comfortable adopting digital health enablers, open-source research is crucial to match the unprecedented industry collaboration to improve health outcomes and set new standards. 

  • More focus on pharma marketing
    Post-pandemic patients are more educated, aware, and informed – most likely to advocate for themselves. With more players in the healthcare sector, pharma companies are fighting for brand share and loyalty, moving their focus to AI, ML, and cloud-driven solutions to measure up to the forward-thinking competitors who are unrestrained by the pharma status quo.

  • Analytics and technology impact on patient/provider experience
    As digital experiences become common and sophisticated, balancing digital and human experiences becomes important. Health systems have accelerated the adoption of insight analytics to enable richer and deeper insights. 

Our Tech Offerings

  • Increase returns from technology investment
    GSPANN showcased how it has worked with pharma and healthcare companies globally to help increase the ROI on their technology investments. 

  • Take advantage of your data
    Gain the upper hand over your competition by using data to your advantage on every step of business decisions. How our experts have used the power of data to help our clients make better business decisions. 

  • Automate business processes
    We showcased how the creation of automated processes and workflows can help create resilient supply chains and free up the time of the employees for more productive work.


It was great to have an open dialogue with the who's who of the pharma sector to help contribute to a better patient experience. The summit offered an opportunity to pick the brains of industry leaders who are focused on the use of Industry 4.0 technologies to accelerate growth in the healthcare and pharma sectors.