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Infused with interactive workshops, end-to-end demonstrations, and an incredible lineup of global instructors, Worqference 2022 checked all the right boxes as a testing conference. Hosted by The Test Tribe, India’s largest testing community, the conference saw proven subject matter experts sharing their learnings through live workshops - a refreshing switch from PowerPoint presentation-based virtual events.  

The interactive sessions focused on relevant themes of code analysis, unit testing, mobile automation, web automation, and security testing, offering abundant learning and networking opportunities to the attendees. GSPANN was represented by one of the leading voices in the QE (Quality Engineering) space and our Senior Director - QE, Ajay Balamurugadas. 

In his ‘Atomic Workshop’ on Systematic Product Modeling, Ajay discussed the application techniques and approaches for teams looking to strengthen their test design, improve overall understanding of the system, and be ‘test ready’ for every change made to a product. 

Ajay Balamurugadas

“If one can think well, they can test well. Every data point about the product and project can be used to ask powerful questions and product modeling helps to collect the data points. Doing it systematically is a challenge and the audience also liked the live demo of handling a complex project.” 
- Ajay Balamurugadas, Sr. Director – QE at GSPANN 

The workshop helped provide great insights into structuring the tests better, refining the documentation habits, understanding the layers in modeling a product, developing the testing technique, and exploring data flow testing.

Worqference Learnings

Each live demonstration was followed by a dedicated Q&A session that opened the platform for attendees to interact with the instructors and clear their doubts directly. Many workshops were also followed by surprise contests, allowing all the attendees to participate.  

Surya Harika Karri, Software Engineer Trainee at GSPANN, participated in one such competition and emerged a winner from the pool of experienced professionals in attendance. In her words, “The event was filled with a lot of helpful and thoughtful learnings. As a fresher, winning the sketch note contest was the highlight of my Worqference experience as it gave me immense joy and encouragement to meet more people and exchange ideas.

Surya Harika Karri

Worqference also piqued the interest of freshers who attended the event to learn about the hottest technologies and trends in the industry. Rachana Kethapelly, Software Engineer Trainee – QE, says, “For the freshers like me, Worqference is the big platform to learn about new technologies. The topics covered by the experts were very interesting.”  

One of the attendees, Nidhi Arora, Technical Consultant – QE, says, “The three days of Workqference were symbolic of learning with fun. The sessions were very interactive and the session presenters demonstrated real-life problem-solving skills. I got to learn about security testing, contract testing, Appium, and much more. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions. Kudos to the great effort put in by all trainers.” 

This first-of-a-kind conference dominated by workshops offered a productive and informative platform to the budding and experienced testing professionals. The attendees got to meet the global testers and learn techniques and innovations from the technocrats to overcome some of the most prominent testing challenges.