Who is the Client

A US-based retailer with more than 700 departmental stores and 150 specialty stores, client is a major player in their industry and one of the oldest shopping destinations for their customers.

The Challenge

The rise of online retailing and multichannel commerce led to the growth of product data, making the management of product information pages more complex for the client. They wanted a test automation framework for functional verification of their product information management (PIM) system.

The client wanted to transform their existing product information management (PIM) system for delivering in-depth product information for millions of stock-keeping units (SKUs). As their business was expanding rapidly, they required a PIM system that was efficient and scalable to meet their increasing demands. They faced scalability challenges and a lack of fast and accurate testing in their existing system. Their system needed to be upgraded with the latest technologies.

The Solution

GSPANN addressed these challenges by developing a Java-based test automation framework as an integral part of their e-commerce system. This expedited the release cycle of the product information pages with no defects.

Our experts analyzed that, earlier, the client was doing manual regression testing every month that caused delays in the e-commerce deployments. We developed a customizable Java test automation framework (using Java libraries of Selenium and JBehave), which was integrated with Jenkins, to automate testing in a CI/CD environment. This switch gave the client the confidence to perform weekly regression testing for fast and easy e-commerce deployments.

GSPANN developed a Java-Selenium test automation framework to verify the PIM system via a Test-Driven Development (TDD) approach. We developed custom Java libraries and utility functions, integrated with Selenium and JBehave libraries, for functional verification of UI and web services. The in-sprint agile testing dramatically reduced the manual overhead for the IT and support team.

We enhanced the automated testing environment's effectiveness through a unified Java test automation framework for frontend and backend verification. We curtailed the regression testing time for e-commerce deployments through a highly scalable and easy-to-maintain automated testing environment.

Business Impact

  • Implemented test automation, reducing dependency on manual testing.
  • Reduced Time to Market (TTM) through curtailed regression testing cycle from 4 weeks to 1 week, which dramatically reduced the TTM for e-commerce deployments.
  • Quick Regression Testing (a cross-browser and cross-platform automation testing) helped the client reduce the time taken to execute regression testing.

Technologies Used

Atlassian JIRA and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide a team collaboration environment online
TestLink. A web-based test management tool that supports test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects, and user management
Maven. Software project management and comprehension tool
Jenkins. An open-source automation server that helps in building, testing, deploying, and facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery
Selenium and JBehave. Test automation
Software Development. Java
VersionOne. A project management tool used to track and maintain records of all Software Testing Life Cycle phases in Agile from backlog to report creation
Microsoft SQL Server. A relational database management system that stores and retrieves data as requested by other software applications

Related Capabilities

High-Quality Applications Enabling Faster Business at all Times

Quality automated testing, high-frequency development releases, and large codebases prepare applications for the ever-changing business demands and technology upgrades/changes. Our rigorous testing processes take care of all in the shortest timespan, ensuring application stabilization, least code breaks in high-frequency releases, and adequate testing.

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