Who is the Client

A US-based manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment used in silicon wafer processing, with an annual sale of approx. $10B.

The Challenge

The client owns multiple manufacturing facilities with different product processing units. These products are passed through various stages of lifecycle that are managed through ENOVIA— a PLM software—where the client’s team can search for parts, report problems, change parts, and design documentation. SAP ECC (ERP Central Component) acts as the core enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, while all produced data gets stored in the SAP HANA database.

The data produced from ENOVIA is collectively transferred to the SAP ECC system, irrespective of whether it is an in-work or a released bill-of-materials (BOM) or part. However, there is a continuous change in in-work parts at the revision level and, with technical limitations related to ENOVIA, this data could not be transferred to the SAP ECC system. This restricted the client’s team from loading the data of ‘in-progress products’ accurately into the SAP ECC system.

Also, each product being processed had parts and subparts, that could be arranged in a hierarchical tree-branch model. However, no report was generated to display all the parts in a hierarchy with a single click. This made work tedious for the team, since they had to manually type the part number to search data in SAP ECC software.

The Solution

As a solution to their challenge, GSPANN’s team created Business Object Data Structure (BODS) jobs that enabled loading of the ENOVIA data into tables within the SAP HANA database. We also developed customized Enterprise Views for downstream application owners to help them run queries and fetch the data as they required. These SAP HANA analytical views are now also being used to generate reports through downstream applications, such as Tableau, Power BI, MS Access, MS Excel, and .NET.

Our experts also developed ‘Stored Procedures’ that are now used to apply different transformations to the data in MS Excel and .NET applications. The new unified solution replaced the client’s existing reporting system.

Team GSPANN took care of three aspects:

  • ETL Process: It required the design and implementation of data extraction and storing it in the client’s internal data warehouse.
  • Active Integration: The active integration team developed and implemented a process that enabled real-time data transfer from the reports created by the products' supplier to the newly implemented solution and vice versa.
  • Passive Integration: During solution implementation, the passive integration team was involved in analyzing and identifying different applications that use the SAP HANA database,ensuring that all necessary data fields are available in the internal data warehouse. They also provided all application owners with respective data access capabilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Business Impact

  • Achieved a unified view of all product parts in a hierarchy that can have up to 90,000 records.
  • Reduced manual effort in checking the records, helping the client save a significant amount of time.
  • Enabled quick and effective decision-making by ensuring smooth flow of data from ENOVIA to SAP HANA and other downstream applications.
  • Enhanced the client’s business scalability by improving the team’s collaboration and productivity.

Technologies Used

SAP Hana. A business data platform that processes transactions and analytics at the same time on any data type
SAP ECC. An enterprise resource planning software that consists of several modules that provide the organizations with great control over their key business processes
SAP BDOS. An ETL tool used for data integration, data quality, data profiling, and data processing that allows you to integrate, transform a trusted data-to-data warehouse system for analytical reporting
ENOVIA. A Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software that enables your innovators to benefit from the true rewards of collaboration

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