Who is the Client

A French multinational retailer of cosmetics and personal care products, with more than 2000 physical stores worldwide. They have a strong customer base in 38 markets.

The Challenge

The client wanted an easily manageable and highly configurable solution to test the user interface, database, and APIs for their existing e-commerce system. They wanted to have a unified test automation framework that could validate the functionalities of both website and mobile applications simultaneously. Currently, they were using multiple applications for managing different testing frameworks and verifying common functionalities, which was an unstructured approach to manage the test cases. The client was looking for a technology partner to overcome this challenge.

The Solution

GSPANN helped the client develop a Java-Cucumber test automation framework that is compatible with both website and mobile applications to provide a common and intuitive experience to the users. We also accelerated the product release cycle associated with agile development processes.

As a part of solution implementation, we developed a singular testing framework in Cucumber and automated the process of test case execution through Selenium (for website applications) and Selenium-Appium (for mobile applications). We coded testing scripts in Java and automated script execution on multiple virtual machines (VMs) through Jenkins and streamlined the process of storing test cases and their results through TestRail.

We defined the behavior-driven testing scenarios in Cucumber through Gherkin by integrating Cucumber with Spring Boot to select and execute the test cases that were exclusively configured for website and Android/iOS applications.

The structured test automation framework curtailed the release cycle for functional verification of complex e-commerce features. Moreover, the implementation of automated data analytics through Charles Web Debugging Proxy provided easy predictive analytics for huge commerce data.

The delivered solution reduced the manual QA efforts through automated execution (via Jenkins) and reporting (via TestRail) of more than 5000 test cases in a pre-defined SLA, which increased the overall efficiency.

Business Impact

  • In-sprint agile testing validated the e-commerce data in more than 10 environments through Java-based automated scripts.
  • Implementation of automated testing resulted in curtailing 363 hours of manual effort.
  • Automated framework based-on a behavior-driven development (BDD) approach helped the client save almost $2.5 million per year.

Technologies Used

Atlassian Jira and Confluence. Platform to manage sprint stories and provide an online team collaboration environment
Selenium. A portable framework for testing web applications that authors functional tests without using any test scripting language
Appium. An open-source automation tool for running scripts and testing native, mobile, web, and hybrid applications on Android and iOS
Cucumber. A testing tool that supports Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) and offers a way to write easy-to-understand test cases
Maven and Jenkins. CI/CD build and deployment tool
Java. A class-based, object-oriented programming language that app developers write once and run on all Java-supported platforms without needing any re-compilation
TestRail. A web-based test case management software used to efficiently manage, track, and organize test cases
Spring Boot. An open-source Java-based framework used to create microservices and build stand-alone and production-ready Spring applications

Related Capabilities

High-Quality Applications Enabling Faster Business at all Times

Quality automated testing, high-frequency development releases, and large codebases prepare applications for the ever-changing business demands and technology upgrades/changes. Our rigorous testing processes take care of all these functionalities in the shortest timespan, ensuring application stabilization, least code breaks in high-frequency releases, and adequate testing.

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