Manage your Critical eCommerce Operations via Control-M Automation Scripts

Read how GSPANN developed a reliable workload automation environment for a US-based premier retailer that helped them increase the overall productivity with least manual intervention.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • Improved productivity and workload balancing: The effective integration of Control-M enabled a smooth execution of automation jobs and refactoring of scripts reduced the number of failure points, which existed in the previous manual processes.
  • Eliminated the need for multiple schedulers: IT support managed the overall Control-M environment where the agents submitted jobs on multiple remote hosts and provided the job status to the server.
  • Saved a significant amount of cost: Control-M environment reduced the number of hours that were consumed in error resolution and was able to save a significant amount of money in a year.

GSPANN’s automated operational support solutions helped the client in improving their eCommerce processes.

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