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Today we lead a digital life that allows us to speed up collaboration and automate tasks, saving a significant amount of time. IT operations are heading in the same direction. A powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) promises to help IT organizations focus on tackling difficult problems and important challenges instead of performing tedious and repetitive maintenance tasks.   

This white paper aims to look past the hype and talk about what is AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) and how it helps you achieve your business goals. We explore why AIOps is necessary, how environments and the teams that manage them have evolved and how technology observability is crucial for IT administrations to work more strategically and proactively.

In this white paper, you learn:

  • What is AIOps and how does it promote the digital transformation of your IT department into a business goal-driven proactive organization
  • What are the basic building blocks of an AIOps infrastructure
  • How to define an early warning system that increases IT infrastructure transparency and heads off potential problems before they even occur
  • Guidelines on automation tools, processes, and platforms that screen data streaming into the AIOps implementation as well as how to handle environments that consist of both on-premises infrastructure as well as cloud and containerized platforms 

This white paper drills down to a core understanding of how AIOps can reduce the mean time to repair infrastructure issues. In addition, it shows you how to improve the lives of your IT organization's staff members by allowing them to focus on complex and unusual problems rather than getting bogged down with mundane tasks. Ultimately, an AIOps implementation not only turns your IT organization into a technology driver within the company, but increases staff satisfaction and improves retention. 

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