A Secure Virtual Collaboration Platform for the External Users to Share the Data Within the Organization

Read how GSPANN helped a $9.1B company, that builds and designs semiconductor processing equipment, in developing a secure SharePoint-based platform using Digital Rights Management (DRM) for its internal users and vendors.

What can you learn from this case study?

  • Streamlined the process of data sharing: By streamlining the process of file sharing and enabling the external users to create their accounts easily via a customized SharePoint-based platform, the client was able to manage the user accounts easily and efficiently.
  • Secure data sharing: The users could now view the content securely by disabling the documents from being copied, printed or downloaded.
  • Automated major tasks to reduce support: By automating many major support tasks, the client got a hassle-free, easy user management system to manage their vendor’s and supplier’s credentials

GSPANN’s SharePoint-based collaboration platform not only enabled the client to exchange data securely with the external vendors, but also enhanced the overall productivity of the organization.

SharePoint Collaboration Platform Case Study

Virtual exchange of confidential data in a secure environment via SharePoint platform