Who is the Company

The company is a subsidiary of a retail giant that manages a global loyalty platform.

The Challenge

The company’s website was hosted on Adobe Experience Cloud but required an external system to load website headers and footers. The external web call caused less-than-ideal performance and hampered the company’s ability to publish updates quickly. Even minor enhancements, cosmetic or complex, needed a developer’s involvement and took from six hours up to two days turnaround time.

Additionally, the company did not have a clear picture of how potential customers interact with the website and associated apps. As a result, the company was unable to make informed decisions.

To summarize, the company was looking for a competent partner to help them achieve:

  • Better website performance: Every page requires a universal header and footer. To improve performance, the company needed to move the header and footer data close to the page content location.
  • Lower cost and faster turnaround time for updates: The company sought a way to publish content updates without involving an external website developer.
  • Statistics and data on user interaction with digital media: Analyze visitors' interaction to make informed business decisions.

The Solution

GSPANN analyzed the company’s current implementation and traced the problem to an unnecessary call made to an external third-party organization. We recommended that the company move its header and footer content management to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), the platform used to manage all other web content.

The team integrated Adobe Experience Platform Launch (AEP Launch) with Adobe Analytics. This integration provides a wide range of real-time visitor information, including visitor status, device type, URL and title of the page visited, link clicks, content clicks, and videos played, among other critical items.

Key takeaways from our solution:

  • Header and footer development moved to AEM: Our development and migration team created the header and footer components within AEM. This change resulted in a dual advantage for the company. It provided direct header and footer access to the content creators and significantly reduced the page load time from over 20 seconds to less than 3 seconds.
  • Integration of AEP Launch and Adobe Analytics: AEP Launch allowed the company to view and analyze current visits and download historical analytics reports. The historical data helps determine trends and generate strategies that foster business growth.

Business Impact

  • Faster and cost-effective time to market: Previously, the company had to involve an external organization to make header or footer updates. With all content creation now exclusively controlled through AEM, changes in the header and footer can be deployed much faster by the company’s internal team.
  • Improved page load time: Slow page load provided an unpleasant customer experience and deterred the page from appearing higher in the search results. The new implementation reduced page load time almost by 85%.
  • Enabled more informed business decisions: The data provided by AEP Launch captures analytics data and events that now include the header and footer components. The company can now track website traffic leading to better-informed business decisions.

Technologies Used

Adobe Experience Manager. Provides a cloud-based platform to personalize the customer experience across multiple digital media channels
Adobe Experience Platform Launch. Offers programming APIs that deploy and manage tags across a website or set of web properties
Adobe Analytics. Tool that provides reporting and visualization analysis of website visitor behavior

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