Who is the Company

A well-known British brand that sells high-quality fashion, food, and housewares across 50+ countries worldwide

The Challenge

The company’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud-based website enables users to log in through sign-up or social media. When a user logged in through multiple platforms, the system created multiple accounts for the same user, treating each account as independent despite representing the same customer.

This faulty functionality resulted in several sets of order histories and loyalty points distributed among multiple accounts for a single user, which posed an account management issue. It also led to poor experiences with customers frequently reporting missing orders and loyalty points. Additionally, it also caused the company to use more cloud resources for the same number of users, running a risk of being misled with duplicate data to plan its future strategies.

To summarize, data redundancy resulted in:

  • Account management issues
  • Negative user experience, and
  • Skewed analytics reports

In short, the company was looking to:

  • Reduce duplicate accounts
  • Resolve ordering and loyalty point issues

The Solution

The GSPANN team analyzed the company's requirements and devised an effective solution to implement an OTP system. The solution makes logging into the company’s e-commerce storefronts easier and does not require a user to remember any passwords. OTP login also helps in preventing fraudulent login attempts.

When a customer logs in with a username, email, or mobile number, an OTP is sent to the corresponding mobile number or email. To complete the authentication process, the customer must enter the received code on the login or registration screen.

If the given email or phone number has multiple associated user accounts, the new solution lists all accounts and asks the user to select one primary account. Following the primary selection, other accounts will be marked as secondary.

An automated nightly job merges the order history and loyalty points of these secondary accounts with the primary account and deactivates the secondary accounts. This ensures that only the primary account is retrieved with all relevant order history and loyalty information at the next login.

Here are some high points in the solution:

  • Improved customer login experience: As part of the login, customers are prompted to enter either an email address or a phone number, which is checked for existence in the database. Users can log in using either a password or an OTP.
  • New account creation: If the system is unable to find the customer's email address or phone number, it redirects to the registration page for new account creation.
  • Eliminates duplicate accounts: When a customer logs in through social media, the SFCC system validates if a social media login account with the same email or phone number exists. If yes, the system does not create a new account as it did in the past.
  • Multiple social media accounts automatically consolidated: The new system does not ask the customer for any primary accounts if the customer has only social media login profiles. A new SFCC account is created for the customer, and the existing social media login accounts are deactivated.
  • Keeps up with current trends: Logging in via an OTP is becoming popular. By implementing an OTP solution, the company enhances the mobile customer experience and keeps up with industry trends.

Business Impact

  • Ease of customer segment management: Using the customer's phone number as a unique identifier played a vital part in reducing the number of duplicate accounts. This identifier allows the company to locate and deactivate dormant or stale customer accounts. The company can now more efficiently manage its online customer accounts.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: The new system consolidates order history and loyalty experience. Customers no longer lose loyalty points and ordering problems due to account duplication are reduced to zero. The new system offers hassle-free sign-in, greatly enhancing customer experience. 
  • Smooth handling of promotions and loyalty programs: The automated nightly process consolidates duplicate account information and deactivates secondary accounts. The company can now easily handle various promotions and loyalty services. Our solution ensures a smooth experience when customers redeem offers and promotions.

Technologies Used

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)
Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA)
Karix OTP Plus

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