Who is the Company

An athletic apparel retailer.

The Challenge

The company operates a Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) site to manage its online sales. However, the company's Asia Pacific (APAC) region faced several challenges in managing a high-quality product feed to multiple channels, mainly due to unsatisfactory service from their previous technology provider.

Product feed management is a vital component in the success of any retail company as it organizes, optimizes, and distributes product information across a variety of online channels, including marketplaces, search engines, and social media platforms. It plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate and up-to-date product data is consistently displayed to potential customers.

One significant challenge the company faced was a delay in response from their previous technology provider, which adversely impacted the efficiency of the feed setup process. The delayed response time hindered the company's ability to keep product data up-to-date, potentially leading to inaccuracies and missed opportunities.

Additionally, the company encountered issues while introducing new feeds for channels that utilize unsupported formats, since the whole process incurred extra cost. Furthermore, the feed’s limited capability for rich text hindered its overall effectiveness, creating an urgent need for an improved solution to address these issues.

In short, the company was looking for a solution that would:

  • Be cost-effective: The current feed processing platform incurred costly fees whenever the company required new feeds, channels, and formats.
  • Offer greater flexibility: The company needed a feed system providing more formats, languages, and optimization choices.
  • Provide better service: Slow response from its current feed provider was hampering the company’s ability to generate revenue from its ads. The company sought better response, greater interface access, and faster optimization.
  • Improve its return on ad spent (ROAS): The company wanted to see an improvement in its ROAS. The company also required greater feed processing intelligence and a broader reach.

    The Solution

    After analyzing the company's requirements, our commerce team chose to replace the previous feed platform with Feedonomics, an e-commerce platform for managing and optimizing product data feeds. This platform allows the company to create, manage, and distribute their product data to various e-commerce channels, such as marketplaces (e.g., Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook, and Walmart), comparison shopping engines, and affiliate networks. It can also optimize the product data, inventory, and price feeds for syndication on hundreds of search engines, social media platforms, and marketplaces.

    Our engineers used Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) to integrate the company’s existing Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Feedonomics. Here are a few key takeaways from our solution:

    • Broader reach: The new feed platform significantly expanded the company's product listings by offering them on different marketplaces, enabling the company to reach a much larger audience. This increased exposure had a direct impact on sales and revenue.
    • Easy to implement: The Feedonomics platform provided an SFRA cartridge that was easy to integrate and configure using the SFCC business manager.
    • Omnichannel optimization: The new system optimizes product data and syndicates it on hundreds of search engines, social media platforms, affiliates, and marketplace channels.
    • Enhanced functionality: The solution included an additional JSON feed format, improved optimization functions, and 24/7 local support, creating a more comprehensive and effective product feed management system.

    Business Impact

    • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers now see more accurate product inventory and pricing information on syndicated platforms than under the previous feed system. Overall, feed quality has improved, and the quality score has increased.
    • License cost savings: Licensing costs were saved by extending the company’s existing Feedonomics license in the US to the APAC region. This resulted in immediate cost savings as the company no longer needed to pay the old feed partner.
    • Immediate bottom-line boost: Once the new solution was implemented, the company cost-savings and financial benefits were over $300,000.
    • Significant revenue boost: Our solution increased the company’s revenue by approximately 10%.
    • Improved traffic quality and quantity: The new system significantly improved traffic data accuracy and performance. This helps the company win customer trust, increasing site traffic. We estimate that site traffic has increased to slightly less than 10%.

    Technologies Used

    Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA)
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

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