Who is the Client

A US-based fast-growing plus-size brand that produces fashion apparel for women, with 550 stores in the US and Canada, and annual sales of over $500M.

The Challenge

The client required an integration platform for a seamless e-commerce experience. The project's goal was to expose e-commerce APIs and provide support for different integrations to address future enterprise-level needs.

In order to rapidly scale e-commerce applications in a controlled and secure manner, the client wanted to expose their e-commerce APIs at the enterprise level, allowing them to be consumed by different end systems such as mobile devices, web apps, and other connected devices.

  • Customizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud Open Commerce API (SFCC OCAPI) implementation and adding new APIs are not easy without an enterprise integration platform.
  • Current applications provided limited centralized API management. Additionally, there was simply either no way nor an easy way to access APIs at the enterprise level.
  • The existing system was not flexible enough to add new integrations to meet for future needs. This major obstacle was a major inhibitor to the company's growth.

The Solution

GSPANN developed an end-to-end e-commerce architecture and design, leveraging SFCC and Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform middleware, that included Android and IOS iOS app development, production deployment, setting up monitoring and alerts, and a CI/CD implementation.

Nearly every aspect of the client’s e-commerce operation was upgraded during its engagement with Team GSPANN. SFCC was integrated with the customer’s existing third party applications that included Bloomreach and opened up possibilities for easy integration with other back-end platforms in the client's eco-system, such as inventory management, payment, and tax calculation sub-systems.

The client’s particular interest is how GSPANN engineers were able to incorporate the Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform to access the SFCC Open Commerce API, allowing interaction with mobile apps. This in turn enabled mobile apps to provide a vast array of abilities, including application monitoring, crash reporting, alert notifications, app analytics, tag management, payment processing, and social media integration. All in all, over 60 REST API endpoints were developed to serve the client's mobile e-commerce experience.

Team GSPANN took care of four aspects:

  • Simplified API Management: We developed new APIs quickly while providing caching and access control.
  • Integrated External Systems: Our solution allowed integration of different systems in the client's ecosystem via exposed APIs.
  • DevOps and CI/CD Pipeline: Automated deployment on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform.
  • Microservices Architecture: Created the microservices architectural approach to provide maximum flexibility.

Business Impact

  • Easy API Management and Development: The new system provides simplified API management, monitoring, and alerting. The client can now quickly develop mobile apps that draw upon enterprise-wide data.
  • Foundation for Growth and Scalability: Systems are now integrated at the enterprise level, giving the client world-class scalability, security, high availability, and reliability.
  • Plug-In Policy Applied to APIs: Additional plug-in policies that include security, caching, and throttling have been applied to the system. New policies can be easily applied as well.
  • Overall Performance Improvement: Cloudflare CDN caches static content and Object Store speeds up application performance. In addition, the new infrastructure allows the client to monitor application performance and view business metrics, alerts, and logs.

Technologies Used

MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform. An enterprise-class integration platform for iPaaS and full lifecycle API management.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud. A cloud-based commerce platform that empowers brands to create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all digital channels
Apache Maven. An automation tool used primarily to build and manage Java projects written in C#, Ruby, Scala, and other languages
Jenkins. An open-source automation server that helps in building, testing, deploying, and facilitating continuous integration and continuous delivery
Cloudflare CDN. A global content delivery network that uses next-gen tech to deliver fast and reliable CDN services.

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