Who is the Company

A multi-brand specialty retailer.

The Challenge

Frustration over the complexity and inadequacy of their old system caused the company to make a decision to adopt Manhattan Active Omni (MAO) as the new OMS. However, the company and their primary technical partner had no quality engineering infrastructure in place. The company engaged our QE team to build an automated end-to-end testing infrastructure to address this gap.

Other company needs included:

  • An end-to-end quality infrastructure: The company needed quality engineering in all aspects of its order management. They needed a solid testing framework to handle orders from creation to processing and fulfillment and to endpoint validations.
  • New test management tools: The company needed to create new test management tools to facilitate testing within the new OMS. As it stood, the company and its primary technology partner lacked such tools.
  • An omnichannel testing solution: The company chose Manhattan Active Omni because it handles orders created and processed in an omnichannel environment. Accordingly, the company needed to ensure its quality infrastructure could handle orders placed online, in-store, or through its partners.
  • Comprehensive testing for mixed carts: A single customer shopping cart order could have a mix of different types of shipments. For example, a customer might have a few products directly delivered, whereas other items could be delivered in-store.

    The Solution

    Our engineers have been instrumental in performing Quality Engineering (QE) for Order Management testing within the company. In our role as QE, our test infrastructure facilitated seamless integration from Retail Management Systems (RMS) to the final S4 (SAP validation for Finance). This included optimizing inventory to accommodate both current and future allocations. Despite the lack of information from the technology partner, our engineers, starting entirely from scratch, could get up-to-speed on MAO testing in less than one month.

    Here are a few key takeaways from the solution:

    • Extensive test case modifications: Our team modified test cases across almost all aspects of the company’s ordering system except for POS. The areas we tested included all orders originating from the Call Center, In-Store, and Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store (BOPIS). We also introduced testing for different shipping options, including home delivery and shipping to access point locations.
    • New payment gateway testing: As part of the migration, the company added a new payment gateway. We created and modified test cases for the company’s loyalty program and gift cards. We also had to create or modify test cases to handle different credit cards and mixed carts, where a single customer order number encompassed different kinds of shipments.
    • Comprehensive testing throughout the order life cycle: Our testing infrastructure validated orders through all stages of the order life cycle. These stages included order creation, fraud screening, settlement, scheduling, order release, fulfillment, cancellation, parcel receiving, parcel reversal, delivery charge refunds, and sales auditing modules.
    • Shift to QE: Our teams helped the company shift to a holistic quality engineering methodology. This end-to-end approach ensures that quality information is available from start to finish.

    Business Impact

    • Increased customer satisfaction: Our solution has dramatically increased order quality, improving customer satisfaction.
    • Payment-type validation boosts sales: Because the new system validates multiple payment types, the company can offer their customers more payment options, boosting sales.
    • Wish list support improves customer retention: Our quality engineering work on the company’s back-order process allows customers to add items to their wish list for future ordering.

    Technologies Used

    Manhattan Active Omni (MAO) Platform
    Manhattan Integration Framework (MIF)
    EShopWorld (eSW)
    RemoteDesktop (Jumpbox Server)
    Oracle SQL Developer
    Atlassian Jira
    RedPrairie WMS

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