Simplify content authoring and administration through Oracle Web Center Sites (WCS 12c) for your e-commerce website

Make quick live updates on your e-commerce website with the help of Oracle WCS 12c.

Read how GSPANN helped a Pittsburgh, US-based leader in retail segment to overcome the limitations of their existing content management system (Oracle WCS 11g) by migrating to Oracle WCS 12c.

What can you learn from this paper?

  • Implementation of A/B testing for providing WCS content and presentation variants: Web Center Sites' A/B testing empowered the content marketers to author an A/B test for any page, thus minimizing the efforts and involvement of IT.
  • Migration perks for the content administrator: Content authoring, approving, and publishing process in Oracle WCS 12c enabled the content authors to audit the content themselves without any in-depth involvement of an administrator, thereby providing flexibility to content marketers.
  • Serving multiple concurrent requests in Oracle WCS 12c environment: To meet the client's specific infrastructural needs, we upgraded the Oracle WCS 12c environment on Multi-Server Load Balancing (MSLB). This architecture distributed the load on multiple servers by redirecting the traffic, which significantly increased the website's performance even during the peak business hours.

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