Delivering great digital experiences is the responsibility of many people within organizations today.  Every digital touchpoint should be a positive one and the use of personalization can significantly contribute to a great experience.  With so many pieces to the machine, learning about details required to deliver personalization can be overwhelming. 

To make learning about personalization—and delivering great digital experiences—a relatively quick and painless task, GSPANN has teamed up with Adobe to provide a comprehensive yet simple-to-understand book about Delivering Great Personalization by the ‘for dummies’ publisher. 

In less than thirty pages, this e-book provides a ‘soup to nuts’ perspective on modern, digital personalization best practices covering the following topics: 

  • Understanding the importance of great digital experiences 
  • Creating content and managing assets 
  • Delivering contextual experiences across channels
  • Optimizing experiences by tracking and measuring 
  • Scaling up with the cloud
  • Ten personalization challenges and how to address them 

This short read will add value to your business as it covers key concepts of personalization.